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International Gathering of Kingdom Actors

This is the gathering that will be coming to your neighbourhood; we will gather all Kingdom Actors and Actresses together to enlighten them about the ministry. We will be inviting Generals in the ministry to come and impart us with the word of God and practical experience. This will help you to know yourself better in God and also to network among the soldiers for Christ.

Kingdom Actors Club

We will be going to Primary Schools, Colleges and Universities to raise Actors and Actresses for God. We will also help them to identify their potentials and nurture it with the help of God. This opportunity is open to all Schools that want us to empower their Children in acting and want to sharpen their talent from an early stage.

Kingdom Actors Awards

We want to encourage the people that are gifted in acting and using it to glorify God. We have different category in doing this and we belief that it will encourage people the more to do exploits for God.

Kingdom Actors e-News

The KAI e-News is a channel to send you latest information about the Ministry and some topics to discuss about theatre, stage drama and many more, when you subscribe for it we will take you to the world of Christ.

Kingdom Actors Workshop

KAI workshop is when we bring the training to you, either in an Organisation, Church, Mobile Ministry or School. In our workshop we will use practical instruments to teach and offer one-on-one teaching.

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